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Brian Rice is a Sr. Manager on the SAP Global Social Media Marketing Team. Follow Brian on Twitter @BrianSRice

The Problem Facing Personal Branding And Social “ME”dia Today

28-Jun-2013 | Brian Rice

At its core, social media provides a platform to connect with family, friends and colleagues, along with the ability to meet new people with shared interests across the world. However, over time there

The Future Of Enterprise IT: 30 Executives Share Their 2013 Predictions

1-Jan-2013 | Brian Rice

In 2012, we saw four major trends evolve: 1) a shift towards the “cloud” 2) the need for processing/analyzing “big data” 3) an increased reliability on mobile technology 4) the consumerization

Black Friday Shopping: Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod and MacBook Black Friday Deals

23-Nov-2012 | Brian Rice

It’s that time of year again when the masses will be out looking for the best Black Friday deals at retailers across the country. Once again it is expected that Apple’s line of iPads, iPhones,

The Future of Social Media: 50+ Experts Share Their 2013 Predictions

12-Nov-2012 | Brian Rice

The world of social media underwent major changes in 2012. We saw the addition of Facebook Timelines for Fan Pages, the rise of Pinterest, revamped LinkedIn Company Pages, improved Twitter profile