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Brian Lee-Archer is director of the SAP Institute for Digital Government Global (SIDG). Launched in 2015, SIDG is a global think tank that aims to create value for government by leveraging digital capability to meet the needs of citizens and consumers of government services. In collaboration with government agencies, universities and partner organizations, SIDG facilitates innovation through digital technology for deeper policy insight and improved service delivery.

In Researchers, We Trust . . . With Our Data

20-Sep-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

A medical researcher approaches you and says words to the effect, “My team at the XYZ clinic is working on a cure for cancers that affect young children. We are close to a breakthrough. We are seeki

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Digital: Friend Or Foe To Government Transparency?

1-Sep-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

Recently dominating the headlines in Canberra, home of Australia's federal government, was the following: “'Nanny state!' New crackdown on public servants' Facebook.” Was this a sensationali

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Digital Government Olympics: Going For Gold

23-Aug-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

Though the Rio Olympics is now over and in the record books, its social and economic impact on the city of Rio de Janeiro, and Brazil in general, will be debated for many years to come. For the gove

Taking The Long View To Make Sense Of The Census

16-Aug-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

Much has already been said and written about Australia’s 2016 National Census, and there will be much more to come. Privacy concerns, data protection issues, conspiracy theories about the motivat

Digital Disruption – It Doesn’t Have To Be A Zero-Sum Game

27-Jul-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

Digital disruption – if you are not part of it, then it is because it is either happening to you and you are resisting, or worse, you don’t even see it coming. I hope most of you are thinking

A Question Of Trust In Social Security

8-Jul-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

Recently I had the privilege of spending a week in Barbados working with ten social security organisations from across the Caribbean to workshop the International Social Security Association’s Ser

The Future Is Local—But What About Competence?

30-Jun-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

Last week (June 19-22) I was in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice and the government administrative home of the Netherlands. I was participating in the 24th European Social Serv

Empowering Communities, Combating Poverty, And Improving Social Services

23-Jun-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

I am looking forward to attending the annual conference of the European Social Network (ESN), the European Social Services Conference, which will be held in The Hague from June 20-22. More than 400 s

Creepy Or Cool: How Do Government Digital Services Rate?

7-Jun-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

This week I was in New Zealand, where amongst a range of digital government matters, I was discussing the ethics of collecting personal data and using it to offer services in a predictive manner. O

Aiming IT At Problems That Matter

1-Jun-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer

In a pleasant change from the technology hype we're used to hearing at government launch events, Gavin Jennings, Special Minister of State, made some refreshingly candid comments on the sorry state