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Brian Kalish is founder and principal at Kalish Consulting. As a public speaker and writer addressing many of the most topical issues facing treasury and FP&A professionals today, he is passionately committed to building and connecting the global FP&A community. He hosts FP&A Roundtable meetings in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Brian is former executive director of the global FP&A Practice at AFP. He has over 20 years experience in finance, FP&A, treasury, and investor relations. Before joining AFP, he held a number of treasury and finance positions with the FHLB, Washington Mutual/JP Morgan, NRUCFC, Fifth Third Bank, and Fannie Mae. Brian attended Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA for his undergraduate studies and the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech for his graduate work. In 2014, Brian was awarded the Global Certified Corporate FP&A Professional designation.

What It Means To Drive Intelligent FP&A

13-Jun-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 1 in the “Intelligent FP&A” series When I hear the term "Intelligent FP&A." or "iFP&A," the image that immediately pops into my mind is a split screen of an accountant with gre

Why Communication Standards Matter In FP&A

15-May-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 22 in the Dynamic Planning Series When I discuss my “Three Pillars of FP&A,” I am referring to financial acumen, communications, and business comprehension/partnering. I want to use t

Finance Transformation: How Organizations Can Adapt To Change

1-May-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 21 in the Dynamic Planning Series To borrow from a recent article, “FP&A: Let the Fun Begin,” technology should eliminate grunt work and boost the value of financial planning

Finance Transformation: How To Get Buy-In From Stakeholders

17-Apr-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 20 in the Dynamic Planning Series “Let’s change the way we do things” is arguably the least favorite directive we can hear. The reason? By definition, something has gone wrong. You neve

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Enable Best-in-Class FP&A With Finance Transformation: Part 1

3-Apr-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 19 in the Dynamic Planning Series Finance, and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) in particular, is being asked to play a larger role in strategy and the success of the enterprise. Th

Why Blockchain Is Crucial For FP&A: Part 2

20-Mar-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 18 in the Dynamic Planning Series In my last blog, I described blockchain in some detail. Now I want to dive a little deeper and expand on the potential value that blockchain could hold for

Why Blockchain Is Crucial For FP&A: Part 1

6-Mar-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 17 in the Dynamic Planning Series In these times of almost continuous technological change, there is a natural tendency to be suspect of whatever is being heralded as the “flavor of the mo

How Newton Can Help Manage And Change Strategy In FP&A

20-Feb-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 16 in the Dynamic Planning Series I think it has to do with being formally trained as an engineer (or maybe I'm just a geek), but when I see the words “manage” or “change,” I immediate

How Finance Can Use Data Visualization To Support Business Decisions

6-Feb-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 15 in the Dynamic Planning Series In my last blog, I explored how FP&A professionals can use data visualization tools to find meaning in huge volumes of data – to quickly comprehend tho

Interactive Data Visualization: The Key To Better, Faster, Smarter Decision-Making

23-Jan-2018 | Brian Kalish

Part 14 in the "Dynamic Planning" series As access to high-quality data becomes more common, more team members across the business organization are facing the challenge and opportunity to make mor