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It’s 2014. Isn’t There A Better Way To Pay?

I might be the fastest draw in the West, perhaps faster than Quick Draw McGraw. It comes with practice – unfortunately too much practice. That’s right, a bill hits the table or a cashier
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Siri, Where Can I Buy A Holiday Fruitcake That’s Actually Edible?

Did you receive the gift of Goggle Glass (or another brand of smart glasses) this holiday season? Probably not….

I Wish That Dollhouse Came With A Mobile App

Wow! Sprawled in front of me were dozens, if not hundreds, of miniscule plastic pieces. To the side sat my 3 year old niece, eager for me to magically transform this mess into the delightful dollhouse pictured on the…
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I’ve Got Nothing Against Bieber, But…

I’ve got nothing against Justin Bieber, but I’d never go to one of his concerts. Yet, several months ago, my credit card company sent me an “exclusive” promotion to purchase advanced
wearable for augmented reality

Beyond The Hype: Business Results With Augmented Reality, Wearables, And More

First, our computers shrunk into phones. Now, they’re morphing into wearables – smart watches and glasses, a projected US $12 billion market according to BI Intelligence. When coupled with
Your "Showrooming" Ways Are Disrupting The Retail Industry [Infographic]

Your “Showrooming” Ways Are Disrupting The Retail Industry [Infographic]

Hello. My name is Brent, and I am a recovering TV laggard. Although I’ve worked in the technology world for almost 15 years, I just bought my first HDTV. At least I am getting better. It took me 15 years…
Can Mobile Technology Turn Me Into A Green Thumb, Overnight?

Can Mobile Technology Turn Me Into A Green Thumb, Overnight?

I was previously a father of one, but now I’m father to hundreds. Overnight,…