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Bob Evans previously held the role of VP of Strategic Communications at SAP. His specialties include business-technology analysis, strategy, and communications.

Cloud Computing’s Greatest Danger – And Richest Opportunity

12-Apr-2012 | Bob Evans

For several years now, the technology industry has been engaged in the noble pursuit of delivering more power and speed and elegance into the hands of users, and the results are clear in every facet o

Marc Benioff’s Untraditional Love Affair with SAP

2-Apr-2012 | Bob Evans

Marc Benioff, CEO of (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It’s comforting to know that Marc Benioff and “have a very good relationship with SAP” and that Benioff himsel

Clayton Christensen on the Origins of Creativity

27-Feb-2012 | Bob Evans

Innovation expert Clayton Christensen (Image by Getty Images via @daylife) What’s  the origin of creative genius? Why is true creativity so abundant in some people and an utterly foreign con

Apple’s Stupendous Success: The Top 10 Reasons from CEO Tim Cook

20-Feb-2012 | Bob Evans

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Image by Getty Images via @daylife) While most companies today would love to be able to claim growth rates in the high single digits, Apple’s revenue last quarter grew 73%

SuccessFactors’ Lars Dalgaard: SAP Will Turbocharge Our Innovation

16-Feb-2012 | Bob Evans

A few weeks ago, on his way to a town hall meeting at SAP’s global headquarters in Germany, SuccessFactors’ irrepressible CEO Lars Dalgaard tweeted, “Going 220 km/h with SAP security detail do