Bob Apollo

Front-Line Sales Managers: The Heart Of B2B Sales Success

4-Dec-2014 | Bob Apollo

I know many CEOs believe that hiring the best sales people is the recipe for sales success, and of course, they are partly right. But there is a critical missing piece to that puzzle – and it’s no

Why Does Sales Training Have Such A Poor ROI?

Why Does Sales Training Have Such A Poor ROI?

16-Apr-2013 | Bob Apollo

The statistics certainly make for uncomfortable reading. According to a substantial body of published research – some of it by sales training companies themselves – only a tiny fraction (less than

Why the COI (Cost of Inaction) Always Needs To Come Before The ROI

Why The COI (Cost of Inaction) Always Needs To Come Before The ROI

28-Mar-2013 | Bob Apollo

If you’re selling high-value B2B products or services, you’ve probably been involved in coming up with ROI (return on investment) calculations to justify your proposal. You may even have been temp

Agile Sales Organisations

How Agile Sales Organisations Are Improving The Experience (Chapter 2)

15-Mar-2013 | Bob Apollo

Why do companies buy from your organisation? Is it because of the power of your brand, or the features and capabilities of your products, or your unbeatable value for money? According to the latest

Sales People Need To Act Like Personal Trainers, Not Bartenders

Sales People Need To Act Like Personal Trainers, Not Bartenders

12-Mar-2013 | Bob Apollo

In a recent article for the CEB, Andrew Kent posed the question “Are your reps bartenders or personal trainers?” It’s a great question, a wonderful analogy, and a concept that deserves a broader

What sets you apart

What Sets You Apart?

27-Feb-2013 | Bob Apollo

So – what sets you apart? It’s probably the single most important question that any organisation in a competitive market needs to answer. It’s the thing you want your customers to say about you.


B2B Sales: Stop Rushing And You’ll Sell Faster

20-Feb-2013 | Bob Apollo

I’ve been called in by a number of clients who believe that they have a bottom-of-funnel sales problem. Their sales opportunities just seem to be piling up and getting stuck in the later stages of t


Is Your Target Market Small Enough?

11-Feb-2013 | Bob Apollo

It’s not a question that comes naturally to many CEOs or, let’s be honest, to most investors. Here’s the problem: for growth phase companies, all other things being equal, the probability of


Banning BANT: It’s Not How Big The Budget Is, But How Big The Issue Is

28-Jan-2013 | Bob Apollo

Regular readers will know that I’m no great fan of the traditional BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) approach to sales qualification. It might work for simple transactional sales in which

The Challenger Sale

The Challenger Conundrum: What If Marketing Isn’t Up To The Challenge?

22-Jan-2013 | Bob Apollo

As regular readers will know, I’m a great fan of the principles set out in the best-selling “The Challenger Sale”. But there’s an unspoken difficulty: what if the smarter members of the sales