Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer

Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer

About Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer

Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer leads the Research and Innovation Office within the insurance industry business unit at SAP. Her responsibilities include defining the innovation strategy and co-innovation with partners and customers for complementing the solution portfolio, especially in the area of IoT, blockchain, and ecosystem; selection and development of startups; definition and support of go-to-market strategy; as well as supporting marketing and analyst events.

Social Media In Insurance Marketing Today

13-Apr-2017 | Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer

Marketing a product or service that is a need rather than a want can be a challenge. This is particularly true for services like insurance policies, as many consumers struggle to differentiate bet

The Four Pillars Of Digital Insurance

2-Nov-2016 | Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, digital disruption is transforming the insurance industry, and traditional insurers need to reimagine their business to survive. But saying it is one thing; do

Insurance Customers Now Demand Simplicity, Personalization, and Experiences

27-Jun-2016 | Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer

The insurance industry is seeing a significant technological revolution as the inner workings of agencies adapt to the digital economy. However, customer-focused changes are also necessary. Digi