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In her 25-year career, Barbara has held various positions in technical communications, product management, marketing, marketing communications, training, and higher education.

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Back To The Future Of Training And Education: Why We Should Listen To Millennials [VIDEO]

Millennials have re-energized discussions about employee training. High-tech innovator Robert Bosch's initiative highlights a best-in-class response.
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Smart Trading: Adding Precision To Big Data-Inspired Trading Strategies

Since it emerged as a Wikipedia entry circa 2010, Big Data – the trend and technology innovation – has grown in lock-step with the volumes of structured and unstructured data it embraces. In 2014, Big Data is mainstream –...
big data scientists

Big Data Science Takes The “If” Out Of “What If”

What if your “what if” scenarios could predict rather than suppose? Retailers could see how store-by-store pricing sensitivity would impact markdown strategies to optimize the depth and timing of price markdowns. Transportation and logistics providers – or any company...
Top 5 Benefits Of In-Memory Computing In Retail [SLIDESHARE]

Top 5 Benefits Of In-Memory Computing In Retail [SLIDESHARE]

Every Saturday morning, the checkout clerk at my Giant supermarket asks me if I’ve found everything on my grocery list. And every Saturday morning I smile and answer, "Yes, thanks, everything and more.” Imagine that. I’ve bought more...

Big Data In Public Services: Is This The End Of The Never-Ending Commute?

Ten years ago, at the start of yet another 1-hour commute to my place of work, I started channeling Popeye the Sailor Man. “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” That day, Popeye sent me...
social customer service

Making The Difference: Best Practices In Social Customer Service

Is my deer-in-the headlights response to the notion of “upgraded” technology so unusual? There’s a reason I freeze when faced with making changes to a tool I’ve just learned to use and I’m asked, “Do you want to download…”...
co-workers review business intelligence dashboards

It’s High Time For High-Performing Business Intelligence Dashboards

What I like best about Big Data is how it’s re-energized the discussion on what it takes to actually use it. Volumes of data beget in-memory processing technologies beget next-generation business intelligence tools. Now that real, real-time data...
data science

Data As A Corporate Asset: What It Takes To Get Information Governance Off The Ground

No day at the office is complete these days without at least 10 references to that four-letter word, data. The need for fact-based decision making, data-driven planning, performance monitoring with real-time, trusted data. I believe it; knowing is better...
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The Case For Integrated Enterprise Performance Management

In his blog commentary, “Investing to Close the Gap in Performance Management,” Richard Barnett summarizes the findings of new PwC research on enterprise performance management priorities in the “new normal,” post-crash Finance organization: "Based on the findings of this...
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9 Trends That Will Transform The Automotive Industry

Just in time for the OEM planning cycle, IndustryWeek has introduced 9 Trends Driving the Automotive Industry Forward. The article – complete with research to back up the predictions – reports on the major automotive trends to watch in...