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Insurance In The Age Of The Internet Of Things

9-Mar-2015 | Banking View

by Michel Borst, VP – Financial Services Industry, SAP APJ The insurance industry is already witnessing a digital revolution. With the advancement of Internet of Things (IoT), insurers need to pr

The Importance Of Finance Transformation To Banking

13-Jan-2015 | Banking View

by Hyuin Bec, Principal, Industry Value Engineering, Financial Services, SAP APJ There are many definitions attached to the concept of finance transformation. Just look at the multiple Web sites an

Reducing IT Complexity: Lessons Learned From Successful Bank Transformations

12-Dec-2014 | Banking View

by Achim Enders, Delivery Executive, Global Financial Services Consulting, SAP Its familiar territory in the banking industry – fresh young competition comes along with exciting new products and

Simplify To Keep Pace With Customer And Regulator Expectations

21-Nov-2014 | Banking View

by Justin Asher, Director of Financial Services, Strategic Accounts, SAP SE Technology is changing every aspect of banking, but the greatest impacts will be on customer satisfaction and regulatory

Joined Up Online Banking Is The UK’s Next Challenge

22-Aug-2014 | Banking View

by Julia Kukiewicz I recently bought a bigger, more robust purse, but it hasn’t made a difference. My many debit and credit cards still spill out crazily more or less all the time. Call it an occup

Bank Clients Want Social Media Account Access — Capgemini

10-Jul-2014 | Banking View

The decline in customer experience in banking is reaching an inflection point, said Bill Sullivan, social media and bankinghead of global financial services market intelligence at Capgemini. The consu

From Teller Windows To Touch Screens: How Technology Is Impacting Banking

8-Jul-2014 | Banking View

by Trish Sammer Johnston There’s an old bank building in my town. It has marble countertops and wrought-iron gates at the teller windows. The original name of the bank – Farmers and Mechanics Nat

Banking’s Innovation Vision In 2014

13-Jun-2014 | Banking View

Making banking business run better in 2014 and beyond will see banks apply new solutions with an unprecedented speed. The days of projects that run for years before results can be seen and value creat

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How The Cloud Drives Innovation In Banking [VIDEO]

5-Jun-2014 | Banking View

Historically, banks have been reluctant to embrace cloud technologies due to data privacy and security concerns but what is happening today is enormous growth in banking applications coming to the clo


Core Banking – The Modernization Imperative [VIDEO]

4-Jun-2014 | Banking View

Since the financial crisis, banks have focused on strengthening capital and controlling costs but this approach can only go so far. Banks must also focus on the top line by reconnecting with the custo