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Michael is a Senior Director & Global Head of Marketing for the Banking Industries at SAP, who frequently speaks at European Financial management & Marketing association (EFMA) events and other international banking conferences. He is a passionate blogger who enjoys sharing his views on the banking markets and technology. Please share your opinions and feedback by commenting on his posts. You can also follow Michael on Twitter @MMischker

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The Powerful Impact Of The Cloud [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cloud is a disruptive technology, but it’s one with serious value. The limit isn’t in the technology, it’s in the imagination.
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Monday Metric: Taking Treasury And Risk To The Heart Of Business

Find out what it takes to give treasury the power to see, in real time, its institution's performance in regulatory compliance and its own strategic goals.
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Taking Treasury And Risk To The Heart Of Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Treasury needs the power to see cash, liquidity, and risk exposure and whether they match regulatory requirements and the institution’s strategic goals.
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Innovate Your Financial Close [Infographic]

For any company that reports its financial performance, the financial close is a critical – and often complex – process. Critically, the successful completion of the financial close is a regulatory necessity – where failure to provide accurate financial...
Withdrawing Value From The Data Bank

Withdrawing Value From The Data Bank

In my last post I talked about the possibilities of big data. In this post I will look more at the technologies enabling this change, and how they can benefit
Big Data’s Billions of Windows

Big Data’s Billions of Windows

When I wrote about the impact of mobile technologies on retail banking, I was really talking about data. Fundamentally, the interactions which mobile banking enables are about data – balances
Taking Banking Out Of The Bank

Taking Banking Out Of The Bank

By allowing users to make payments and transfer money using regular “dumbphones”, M-PESA empowered millions of Kenyans to move money, and to circumvent traditional banking. Instead of using bank accounts,

The Bank of 2020 and the Power of One

Chris Skinner believes that if traditional banks do not change to capture the Market of One, new, more agile banks will fill the gap in the market  – and that

How Regulators Learn To Stop Worrying And Love The Cloud

Computerworld outline the benefits to Financial Institutions moving to the public cloud and how their current model of data centres needs to be altered in order to reap the potential rewards:

Incorporating Big Data and Cloud Computing

Cloud Times show that while database migration into the public cloud holds many potential benefits for companies, there are at least three main issues that need to be addressed first; namely