Ashley Lutz

In-Store Mobile App Solves Huge Problem for BaubleBar

30-Jul-2013 | Ashley Lutz

BaubleBar is known for its personalized monogram necklaces, bracelets, and rings. But the retailer thought that customers would be more likely to buy the jewelry if they could see what it looked lik

A Recent College Graduate Is Helping Online Retailers Win The Price Wars For Good

23-Jul-2013 | Ashley Lutz

A Dartmouth graduate is using an idea from his senior economics paper to help retailers win the online price wars. Zach Blatt told us that he was a student at Dartmouth when he was struck by the in

Nordstrom Could Start Using Pinterest To Make Merchandising Decisions

17-Jul-2013 | Ashley Lutz

Nordstrom's Pinterest community could soon have influence over what is displayed in stores. The retailer is testing showcasing the most popular items on Pinterest in various departments of its phys

See What The Retail Stores Of The Future Will Look Like

11-Jan-2013 | Ashley Lutz

King Retail Services Retail stores will look very different in a few years. In the age of mobile technology, shoppers are changing more than ever, and retailers are rushing to catch up with thei

The Death Of The Cash Register

20-Dec-2012 | Ashley Lutz

Urban Outfitters caused a stir this year when it announced that it had ordered its last cash register and would start equipping staffers with iPads instead. Many other major retailers have announce

The iPad Is Drastically Transforming Retail

17-Dec-2012 | Ashley Lutz

In just a few short years, iPads have changed how many retailers do business. Some companies are replacing cash registers with the Apple devices, while others are using apps to track employee produ