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Putting Social Media In Its Place

10-Jan-2013 | Anthony Leaper

The other week I wrote about the critical importance of finding answers to questions you didn’t even know you should have asked. With an ability to combine big data and in-memory computing, acces

Pay-it-Forward Trumps ROI Where Social Is Concerned

22-Aug-2012 | Anthony Leaper

I’ve begun to wonder whether the question, “What’s the ROI on Social?” is a kind of post-modernist Zen koan. It’s one of those questions that is often asked, yet that has no rational answer.

How Social Media Amps Up the Value of a Customer

25-Jul-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Image via CrunchBase The other week my colleague Vinay Iyer posted a blog that looked at how a company might use social media to improve its relationships with their customers. Some companies a

Customer Service: You Can’t Keep Saying “It’s Not Our Fault” Forever.

12-Jun-2012 | Anthony Leaper

English: Heathrow Terminal 2 Viewed from the footbridge near the Central bus station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The other week I flew from Prague to London. Or, rather, I sat. Mostly I sat. W

How To Fail Your Call Centers

18-May-2012 | Anthony Leaper

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last week I had words with an automotive customer service rep named Anne. The “run flat” tires on my car had proven to be a spectacular failure. Instead of enablin

5 Ways Richard Branson Could Improve Customer Service using CRM

19-Apr-2012 | Anthony Leaper

I seem to be on a Richard Branson roll.  Earlier this month I wrote about how I thought Branson’s banking endeavors would benefit from a focus on the kind of personalized customer service that he

CRM with Attitude (Or, How Richard Branson will Transform the Banking World)

9-Apr-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Virgin Atlantic Airways Clubhouse, San Francisco International Airport. Designed by Eight Inc. Photographed by Timothy Hursley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When Richard Branson and the Virgin Mon

How to Suck Up to Billionaires (Part 2)

21-Mar-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Image via Wikipedia Part one of How to Suck Up to Billionaires discussed the need to know a lot more about your customers than your CRM system might traditionally track and measure — their ch

How to Suck Up to Billionaires (Part 1)

7-Mar-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Image by AFP/Getty Images via @daylife Homeowners and real estate agents around the Silicon Valley are all atwitter about the upcoming Facebook IPO. Most of these individuals have no stake in t

5 Stupefying Statements from the CRM Call Center (and what to do about them)

17-Feb-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Call Center image courtesy of SAP Having traveled the path with CRM for as long as I have, I am keenly aware of what constitutes both the peaks and the valleys of customer service. CRM has evolve