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Anthony Leaper is senior vice president of the Enterprise Social Software Business Unit at SAP. He is responsible for worldwide business development of SAP Jam social software. Anthony is focused on developing market opportunities for social collaboration platforms that enables SAP customers to connect more with their customers, partners, and employees through digital, socially inspired, interaction models.

Keep It Slim, Keep It Collaborative: The Secret To Unraveling Sales Complexity

10-Apr-2017 | Anthony Leaper

Profitable growth in any economy is always challenging, but today’s buyer journey is making it even more intricate. In an era where ignorance is no longer bliss, customers can readily research and c


Why Technology Alone Will Not Solve Poor Collaboration

15-Mar-2017 | Anthony Leaper

There is little doubt that a range of digital and social trends are influencing how people share information, sharpen ideas, and leverage expertise. In the tech world, such capabilities are commonly w

How To Bring Your Customer Community To Life

28-Sep-2016 | Anthony Leaper

A customer community is only as good as its participants make it. Without active, engaged users, your online social community is bound to fail. To deploy a successful customer community – one tha

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Why Your Company Should Stop Fearing Customer Communities

19-Sep-2016 | Anthony Leaper

People, by nature, are skeptics. They bristle at the thought of change. They’re wary of trying something new. I remember when I was a young boy, and my parents would take me to the neighborhood s

Now You’re Cookin’: Achieve Greater Business Results With Collaboration

13-Jul-2016 | Anthony Leaper

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in an interactive corporate cooking event sponsored by a fantastic company called Aveqia. The organization’s tagline is “Connecting through

Is Your One-Channel Offer Breaking Your Omnichannel Experience?

29-Jun-2016 | Anthony Leaper

“The customer is king.” We’ve heard this platitude so frequently over the years that now we tend to ignore it. But the truth of the matter is, there’s so much competition today that if you

The Modern-Day Open-Door Policy: Embracing Virtual Collaboration

2-Jun-2016 | Anthony Leaper

The workplace and workforce are perpetually in flux. In the past few decades alone, we’ve experienced closed-door office buildings, open-door policies, open-office concepts, and remote work arrangem

Don’t Lose Your E-Commerce Customers To Amazon

31-May-2016 | Anthony Leaper

Today’s customer journey is a long and winding road. Online consumers, in particular, often navigate between multiple channels and touchpoints in order to make purchases. A buyer, for example, can b

Putting Social Media In Its Place

10-Jan-2013 | Anthony Leaper

The other week I wrote about the critical importance of finding answers to questions you didn’t even know you should have asked. With an ability to combine big data and in-memory computing, acces

Pay-it-Forward Trumps ROI Where Social Is Concerned

22-Aug-2012 | Anthony Leaper

I’ve begun to wonder whether the question, “What’s the ROI on Social?” is a kind of post-modernist Zen koan. It’s one of those questions that is often asked, yet that has no rational answer.