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Anthony Leaper is senior vice president of the Enterprise Social Software Business Unit at SAP. He is responsible for worldwide business development of SAP Jam social software. Anthony is focused on developing market opportunities for social collaboration platforms that enables SAP customers to connect more with their customers, partners, and employees through digital, socially inspired, interaction models.


Putting Social Media In Its Place

10-Jan-2013 | Anthony Leaper

The other week I wrote about the critical importance of finding answers to questions you didn’t even know you should have asked. With an ability to combine big data and in-memory computing, acces

Pay-it-Forward Trumps ROI Where Social Is Concerned

22-Aug-2012 | Anthony Leaper

I’ve begun to wonder whether the question, “What’s the ROI on Social?” is a kind of post-modernist Zen koan. It’s one of those questions that is often asked, yet that has no rational answer.

How Social Media Amps Up the Value of a Customer

25-Jul-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Image via CrunchBase The other week my colleague Vinay Iyer posted a blog that looked at how a company might use social media to improve its relationships with their customers. Some companies a

Customer Service: You Can’t Keep Saying “It’s Not Our Fault” Forever.

12-Jun-2012 | Anthony Leaper

English: Heathrow Terminal 2 Viewed from the footbridge near the Central bus station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The other week I flew from Prague to London. Or, rather, I sat. Mostly I sat. W

How To Fail Your Call Centers

18-May-2012 | Anthony Leaper

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last week I had words with an automotive customer service rep named Anne. The “run flat” tires on my car had proven to be a spectacular failure. Instead of enablin

5 Ways Richard Branson Could Improve Customer Service using CRM

19-Apr-2012 | Anthony Leaper

I seem to be on a Richard Branson roll.  Earlier this month I wrote about how I thought Branson’s banking endeavors would benefit from a focus on the kind of personalized customer service that he

CRM with Attitude (Or, How Richard Branson will Transform the Banking World)

9-Apr-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Virgin Atlantic Airways Clubhouse, San Francisco International Airport. Designed by Eight Inc. Photographed by Timothy Hursley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When Richard Branson and the Virgin Mon

How to Suck Up to Billionaires (Part 2)

21-Mar-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Image via Wikipedia Part one of How to Suck Up to Billionaires discussed the need to know a lot more about your customers than your CRM system might traditionally track and measure — their ch

How to Suck Up to Billionaires (Part 1)

7-Mar-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Image by AFP/Getty Images via @daylife Homeowners and real estate agents around the Silicon Valley are all atwitter about the upcoming Facebook IPO. Most of these individuals have no stake in t

5 Stupefying Statements from the CRM Call Center (and what to do about them)

17-Feb-2012 | Anthony Leaper

Call Center image courtesy of SAP Having traveled the path with CRM for as long as I have, I am keenly aware of what constitutes both the peaks and the valleys of customer service. CRM has evolve