Anita Gibbings

Anita Gibbings

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Anita Gibbings is a Senior Director of Product Marketing for Analytics at SAP. She leads SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and specializes in data visualization, business intelligence and data discovery.

Data Analytics: An Investment In Business Value

4-Jan-2017 | Anita Gibbings

Big Data should bring big insights for better decisions. You’ve no doubt heard that before. So how come the reality so often falls short of the dream? I’d like to share some concrete exampl

Conductor waving baton over orchestra

What If Mozart And Beethoven Invented Their Own Notation Systems? [VIDEO]

29-Sep-2016 | Anita Gibbings

To appreciate how semantic notation can impact your business, take a step back for a moment and imagine if every composer from Mozart to Beethoven used a different notation system. How would conducto

Wayne Eckerson On Data Visualization

15-Apr-2015 | Anita Gibbings

At SAP, we take data visualization and dashboards seriously. Our customers make more money when they can predict problems, identify solutions, and make better, faster decisions. And this happens when