Angelica Valentine

Unique Promotions To Win Holiday Shoppers

2-Nov-2017 | Angelica Valentine

The holiday season is in full swing, with pumpkin spice everything and Halloween decorations taking over retail stores everywhere. Promotional calendars have been slowly inching back for the past se

RIP: Modern Retail Spells The End Of Mediocre Retail

8-Sep-2017 | Angelica Valentine

Modern retail as we know it is changing. And no, this isn't another inflammatory article harping on the recent and increasing failures in retail. Instead, let’s focus on the exciting new direction m

The Nimble Win The Race: How To Stay Dynamic Beyond Pricing

11-Aug-2017 | Angelica Valentine

By now you’ve heard about dynamic pricing and you’ve probably even tried it yourself. There’s an underlying principle about this pricing strategy that can be applied to other parts of your compa

UPS Holiday Rate Hikes: The Impact On Retailer Promotional Calendars

21-Jul-2017 | Angelica Valentine

As the number of online shoppers during the holidays continues its upward trend, it’s only natural for shipping providers to raise rates. But unlike the 4.9% overall increase announced in 2016, UP

Machine Learning In Retail Is More Than Just The Latest Trend

28-Jun-2017 | Angelica Valentine

Machine learning in retail takes the industry beyond the basics of Big Data. For years now, we’ve been told that data is king and that it should be tapped for all decisions: what to stock, how much

What Retailers Can Learn From Amazon’s New Reactionary Attitude

13-Apr-2017 | Angelica Valentine

Amazon’s cash blowing ways force competitors to lower prices, speed up delivery, and add programs with bells and whistles. But the company’s latest move is raising eyebrows. For once, Amazon h

Big Data’s Big Impact: Personalized Shopping Experiences

4-Mar-2015 | Angelica Valentine

Big Data is having a big impact on retail in part because it’s helping retailers of all sizes offer personalized shopping experiences. No longer is personalization just a facet of the luxury or mom-