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Andy Hirst

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Andy Hirst is vice president of Banking Solutions, SAP Banking Industry Business Unit, at SAP. He is responsible for driving the success of the SAP go-to-market strategy in Line of Business Cloud Applications and Analytics in Financial Services. Previously, Andy was responsible for Capital Markets solutions for banking. Andy is an expert in Big Data and analytics use cases in financial services and has been involved in many digital banking initiatives for banks.

New Analytics Are The Future of Banking. Are You Ready?

16-Aug-2017 | Andy Hirst

Not so long ago, people used to rely on their local bank manager to know their personal financial situation, provide personalized advice, and make targeted recommendations to help them achieve their g

The Future Of Insurance: Analytics, The Internet Of Things, And Machine Learning

13-Jun-2017 | Andy Hirst

Data and analytics are and always have been at the very heart of the insurance industry. Successfully setting insurance premiums depends on being able to accurately analyze the risks involved. And as


Postcards From The Digital Edge: Innovation Lessons From The Best

22-May-2017 | Andy Hirst

In 1903, the president of the Michigan Savings Bank advised Henry Ford’s lawyer, Horace Rackham, not to invest in the Ford Motor Company. “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a no

Two Key Technologies Driving Machine Learning In Financial Services

24-Apr-2017 | Andy Hirst

Predictive powers Many people wish they could predict what will happen next in the world, but most predictions are quickly assigned to the wastebin of time. That’s because, as hindsight shows, man

Machine Learning: Lessons For Banks From Self-Driving Cars

21-Mar-2017 | Andy Hirst

I read a McKinsey article the other day about cultural invisibility - that tipping point when new technologies become so common they’re taken for granted and become "invisible." Electricity, steam e

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Big Data’s Three Big Trends Of 2016

23-Aug-2016 | Andy Hirst

Last year at Sibos, I talked in depth about some of the key learnings from Big Data projects. At the time, the industry was still getting to grips with the era of data and what that meant for the busi

Embracing Digital Opportunity: Reflections On Sibos 2015

7-Dec-2015 | Andy Hirst

In a word: Sibos. That major event on everyone’s calendar is done and dusted for another year. With Singapore still (relatively) fresh in our minds, I thought I’d sum up my key reflections. What t

Top Banking Trends For 2015: Data And Analytics

23-Jan-2015 | Andy Hirst

Here is my list of predicted trends in banking analytics in 2015. Another year of significant growth in analytics is envisioned driven by regulatory mandates and growth of social intelligence. Visua

7 Rules of Big Data in Banking

9-Sep-2013 | Andy Hirst

I return this year to a topic of last year’s Innotribe at Sibos – Big Data. Data is not going away. It continues to be talked about more and more, whether it is about the volume of data, the spee

Innovating With Big Data – Leading The SoLoMo Cycle

14-Aug-2013 | Andy Hirst

“SoLoMo” – the word three partners at Kleiner Perkins coined during a 2010 brainstorming session to describe the three trends driving coming wave of technologies – has become an industry buzzw