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An Internet, Marketing and E-Commerce specialist with several years of experience in the industry. He has watched as the world of online business has grown and adapted to new technologies, and he has made it his mission to help keep businesses informed and up to date.

workplace trends

Mass Technology And Workplace Change: 5 Notable Trends

24-Feb-2017 | Andre Smith

Since the age of the printing press, advancements in technology have changed the nature of work and the workforce. That is as true today as it was hundreds of years ago. The following trends indic

business reputation management

How To Manage Your Company’s Reputation

17-Feb-2017 | Andre Smith

Reputations don’t just happen. They are a reflection of what we do and how people feel about us. Some reputations can be unfairly tarnished, but if there is enough positive information about a comp

eCommerce shopping experience

One Step Ahead: How Smaller E-Commerce Stores Can Compete With The Big Boys

9-Feb-2017 | Andre Smith

Modern business, particularly online business, is all about customer experience. Companies are going the extra mile to ensure the best customer experience is reached every time. In Part 9 of our Digit

the future of ecommerce

How Digital Transformation Is Changing The Future Of E-Commerce

3-Feb-2017 | Andre Smith

When e-commerce sites first came into existence, many shoppers were hesitant to use them. The websites presented an entirely new platform for customers to interact with sellers. A place where they co

customer video engagement

Boost Customer Engagement Through Video

18-Jan-2017 | Andre Smith

Many marketing professionals agree that the use of video provides greater customer engagement, and that video as a marketing tool is easy to use. Video marketing is a great way to promote a product

Five Things Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Do Before Starting A Business

3-Jan-2017 | Andre Smith

Having a checklist is an underrated tip many novice entrepreneurs fail to heed. They'd rather jump straight into who will manufacture what, where will the offices be, and whatnot. A checklist, despite

beacon technology in retail

5 Examples Of Bluetooth Beacon Technology Disrupting Huge Industries

20-Dec-2016 | Andre Smith

Nobody will leave home without their phone these days, which is perfect for taking advantage of Bluetooth beacon technology. In fact, we're already beginning to see various businesses in different ind

women in technology

‘Women In Tech Jobs’ Initiatives Are Failing. Why?

10-Nov-2016 | Andre Smith

Years ago, the public woke up to the fact that there were not enough women in tech jobs. The industry – supposedly a bastion of progress – was as male-dominated as other sectors. Many organization

fingerprint on a keyboard

Security Must Be A Core Component Of Digital Transformation

2-Nov-2016 | Andre Smith

From home to business and even entertainment, technology is infiltrating everything we do. There is even a trend called the Internet of Things, or IoT, that is turning everyday appliances into smart d


6 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Hiring Practices

27-Oct-2016 | Andre Smith

In today's crowded marketplace, finding and hiring the right people is more difficult than ever. When faced with so many options, employees can easily develop wandering eyes and have a marked tendency