Alan Watkins

About Alan Watkins

Al is a Strategic Ecosystem Partners Industries Director at SAP. Over the last 6 years Al has focused on the positioning and messaging of value to customers, most recently around the benefits real-time computing can bring to transforming organizations of all sizes. His professional experience spans channel management, (including 6 years at Microsoft in the UK), Competitive engagement strategy consulting, and most recently Ecosystem & Channel partner marketing with SAP.

Should You Reinvent Your Business?

5-Aug-2014 | Alan Watkins

“The disadvantages involved in pulling lots of black sticky slime from out of the ground where it had been safely hidden out of harm's way, turning it into tar to cover the land with, smoke to fill

show me the money

Show Me The Money!

8-Jul-2014 | Alan Watkins

A term I first heard used in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire, where a North American Football star Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr, attempts to articulate exactly what he wants from his struggling

Improve The Accuracy Of Your Sales Forecasting

3-Jun-2014 | Alan Watkins

Here is a simple tip that I learned many years ago, which elevated my sales forecasting skills from average to super accurate, to the point where I became responsible for the team and then ultimately

How Big Is BIG?

12-May-2014 | Alan Watkins

I struggle with the concept of BIG. It’s not just that things can be big; it is understanding just how big big is! For instance how big is one of those blades you see on today’s modern windm

I Help The World Run Better

14-Mar-2014 | Alan Watkins

As an Englishman living in the Dordogne area of southwestern France, an area referred to by many as DordogneSHIRE (over 30% of the population are British and in Britain many of the counties end in …

Why Do Business Die?

12-Feb-2014 | Alan Watkins

My name is Al and I own a Saab. There I've said it. I own a car from a company that died and I am happy with my choice. I could wax lyrically about my beautiful 2008 model Silver Aero Convertibl

Thanks, Pitbull

10-Jan-2014 | Alan Watkins

As the Daylight rises on a new year full of potential it would be only too easy to walk away from 2013 taking Sweet Nothing with you. Now Don’t You Worry Child. Allow me to take you on a Cruise t

What Does Success Look Like?

18-Nov-2013 | Alan Watkins

In a business meeting several years ago, a colleague of mine asked, "What does success look like?" This question has resonated with me ever since. I use it as a sounding board to gauge whether I creat