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Alison Biggan is global head of Product Marketing, Digital Enterprise Platform Group, at SAP.

Tech Investment Increases Data Disparity For Small, Midsize Businesses

4-Apr-2017 | Alison Biggan

Part 5 of the “Road to Digital Transformation” series Over the past year, I have seen an undeniable shift in how small and midsize businesses are investing in advanced technology, which was onc

Why Small And Midsize Businesses Need More Than Just Data To Act In The Moment

28-Jun-2016 | Alison Biggan

Part 4 of “The Road to Live Business” series The challenges small and midsize businesses face on a daily basis are beyond anything seen before. Over the last five years, companies across all in

The Truth About Data And Digital Transformation Every Small And Midsize Business Should Know

5-Apr-2016 | Alison Biggan

Part 3 of the “Thriving in the Digital Economy” series  Every part of our lives creates data. Think about the fact that Google alone gets 40,000 queries per second. That’s 3.5 million search