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Alicia Tillman

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Alicia Tillman is the Chief Marketing Officer of Ariba, an SAP Company, overseeing Ariba's marketing strategy around the world. She is an award-winning strategic marketing executive with 15+ years of real world, hands-on Marketing Executive Leadership & General Management in the Technology, Financial Services and Business Travel industries with robust business expansion experience.

Marketing With A Purpose: What Does Your Company Stand For?

28-Jul-2017 | Alicia Tillman

The lines between how consumers and professionals buy goods and services have never been more blurred. And it’s no surprise—businesses are comprised of people who are working and living, so it’s

employee engagement, HR, work, mergers, acquisitions

Like Children, The Best Brands Maintain Strong Ties To Their Parents

15-Feb-2017 | Alicia Tillman

Brands are a lot like children. They start out small and require lots of nurturing. They grow and change and eventually take on lives of their own. But the most successful ones maintain strong ties to

Four Ways Marketing Can Transform The Buyer Experience In 2017

25-Nov-2016 | Alicia Tillman

Digital media and networks are continuing to grow in usage amongst marketing organizations to shape perceptions about brand, products, and companies. As CMO of one of the world’s fastest-growing cl

4 Ways To Define Yourself As A Market Leader

7-Oct-2016 | Alicia Tillman

What defines a market leader? It used to be delivering the best products and services. Or superior customer service. But things are different today. To win the hearts, minds, and wallets of customers,

The Psychology Behind Marketing

13-Jul-2016 | Alicia Tillman

Marketers spend a great deal of time dissecting the customer experience and attempting to define the moment where a prospective customer takes the plunge and commits to a purchase. While many aspec

In A Socially Conscious World, Brand Integrity Starts With A Higher Purpose

2-Oct-2015 | Alicia Tillman

Today’s consumers are socially conscious and lean toward brands that have a higher purpose. Research shows that if given a choice, most consumers will purchase a brand with a cause over one withou