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Alex Joseph is the Vice President of Product Strategy & GTM at SAP. He is responsible for strategy and GTM of User Experience as a Service - integrated offering on SAP's Platform as a Service (HANA Cloud Platform) to help organizations scale great UX. He also drives product strategy, messaging, commercialization, portfolio roadmap, field enablement and customer and analyst communications.

iPad Clienteling at Retail Stores: Cool or Creepy?

15-Aug-2013 | Alex Joseph

As innovative consumer mobile apps continue to redefine the retail industry, will iPad-wielding associates be the next wave? I asked myself this question at Nordstrom at Stanford Shopping Center a

Designing Mobile Customer Experience: It's Not Just About Your Service

Designing Mobile Customer Experience: It’s Not Just About Your Service

30-Apr-2013 | Alex Joseph

If you are designing a consumer mobile app for your company, focus on solving a 'major annoyance' hindering your customer's experience, even if it's not within the scope of your product or service.

subscription fashion service

Netflix For Fashion: Why Subscription Fashion Is The New Disruption

26-Feb-2013 | Alex Joseph

Women’s fashion is the ultimate ‘social’ industry, where the only thing that matters is what everyone else thinks and talks about your outfit. Most of us also love to check out luxury items a

Amazon Prime & Showrooming: Can Mobile Save Retailers?

29-Jan-2013 | Alex Joseph

Amazon winning the 'Retailer of the Year' award at the National Retail Federation convention at New York this week was not a surprise, though it's an interesting decision by NRF mostly comprising br

Is Mobile the Next Customer Service Channel?

2-Jan-2013 | Alex Joseph

I remember being amazed by the exceptional customer service by American companies, when I first came to the US in 1997. The  ability to call the 1-800 number practically 24/7 to solve any problem was

‘Social Enterprise’ and ‘Consumer Social’: 5 Behavioral Differences

9-Feb-2012 | Alex Joseph

Saw this funny cartoon in an otherwise serious (&excellent) article:  After nearly falling off my chair laughing, I felt like adding another box:   Social Media: "Social Enterprise emancipates