Alexander Saric

Alexander Saric

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Alex Saric is the Global Vice President of Business Network Marketing at SAP. His primarily responsibility is developing and executing the marketing strategy globally for SAP’s business network. He is also responsible for growing and shaping the market for business networks and generate demand for networked solutions, ensuring achievement of commercial targets. Manage global network marketing team.

Rudolph and Santa

4 Supply Chain Lessons From Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

18-Dec-2015 | Alexander Saric

During this festive time of the year I, like millions of children and adults, look forward to watching a range of holiday classics. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ranks high on my list. Full of memor

How To Leverage The Knowledge In Your Networks To Drive Innovation

9-May-2014 | Alexander Saric

Everyone knows business is increasingly connected. But the way we’re connected, and the value we derive from those connections, is changing. In particular, the knowledge that’s now intrinsic to

Crowdsourcing In The Cloud

28-Feb-2013 | Alexander Saric

When you think about crowdsourcing, what images pop into your mind?  A start-up raising capital from a community of small investors?  An online company leveraging its customers to design its T-shirt