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The Top Apps for August 2013

13-Aug-2013 | Alexander Roth

Deploy customer loyalty programs in retail, display business figures as graphs, or record your own application profile: Our apps of the month. SAP Customer Loyalty from SAP The mobile applicatio

The Top Apps For July 2013

3-Jul-2013 | Alexander Roth

Photo: iStockphoto Save digital passwords, check what private data apps actually pass on, and get to grips with SAP terminology: a look at our top apps of the month. SAP Sales Companion This ne

The Top Apps For June 2013

11-Jun-2013 | Alexander Roth

How to find the perfect parking spot, display Microsoft Windows on your iPad, or better coordinate sales activities: our top apps of the month give you the support you need. Photo: iStockphoto SAP

The Top Apps For May 2013

9-May-2013 | Alexander Roth

The top apps for May 2013 boast new and useful applications for tablets and smartphones: the ability for customers to view outstanding payments and receivables on their tablets, critical SAP customer

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Top 5 Apps For April

5-Apr-2013 | Alexander Roth

SAP's own, secure version of Dropbox, an inventory tracker for household items, weather reports fit for meteorologists: The top 5 apps are as varied as the weather in April. Photo: istockphoto

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Top 5 Mobile Apps For March

14-Mar-2013 | Alexander Roth

With this month's roundup of helpful mobile apps, you'll be able to brush up on your knowledge of SAP applications, hold a Web conference with a colleague, and share files in the cloud. Photo: iSto

Windows 8 Annoys Development Partners

19-Feb-2013 | Alexander Roth

Windows 8 cannot succeed until the apps and hardware that go with it are ready. So now it is up to the developers. casts an eye over the market and listens to what SAP’s partners have to sa

Top 5 Apps Designed To Make Your Working Day Easier

13-Feb-2013 | Alexander Roth

An app that helps managers with job interviews. A handy assistant for conference calls. Each month we provide a set of apps that are little helpers. For Februrary, here are the top 5 apps designed t

Windows 8 Has Gaps To Fill

8-Feb-2013 | Alexander Roth

Axel Oppermann, an analyst with market research organization Experton Group, warns against blind euphoria after the initial market success of Windows 8. In an interview with, the Microsoft sp

Top 5 Apps For January

15-Jan-2013 | Alexander Roth

 A sales optimization tool, an elegant electronic notebook, and an all-in-one travel assistant. Our first bunch of recommended apps for 2013.  (Photo: istockphoto) A new year means new apps! T