Alec Wagner

Get The FUD Out Of Here: Assuaging IT’s Cloud Concerns

10-Oct-2012 | Alec Wagner

There’s no doubt that cloud adoption is on the uptake in both enterprises and SMBs alike. But along with a move toward cloud adoption, many businesses are facing resistance from the IT department.

Cloud Requirements: Must-Haves For Migration

8-Oct-2012 | Alec Wagner

With so many vendors jumping on the cloud-computing bandwagon, the choices can be mind-numbing. Companies looking to move to The Cloud have more choices than ever, and must weigh their options care

Cloud Marketing: Don’t Fear The Hype

5-Oct-2012 | Alec Wagner

We’ve all been there before—trapped in a conference room during a dull marketing presentation that inspires yawns, makes your eyes glaze over, and completely tune out. Cloud marketing presentat

BYOD: Lessons Learned (Thus Far)

5-Oct-2012 | Alec Wagner

Today’s workers are tech-savvy, mobile, and always-on, and they are increasingly on the move, whether roaming about on a corporate campus, visiting a branch office, working on the road, or doing the

The Cloud By Any Other Name

4-Oct-2012 | Alec Wagner

Since its inception, The Cloud (as a term) has been bandied about and attached (as a definition) to any number of concepts. But, has The Cloud been become the New Coke of its generation? Or, more a

Cloud Guidelines: It’s Just Good Policy

13-Sep-2012 | Alec Wagner

Before The Cloud, IT spending and IT policy were tightly controlled. Now end-users can whip out a credit card and acquire IT services on the fly. First there was server sprawl. Then VM sprawl. Do we n

Things About Cloud We Take for Granted

5-Sep-2012 | Alec Wagner

Crystal-ball gazing is always a fun pastime, and can make for some pithy punditry—and there’s no shortage of Monday morning quarterbacks in the tech world, from sage thought-leaders to naysaying c

Does Cloud Computing Hurt or Help Hackers?

24-Aug-2012 | Alec Wagner

From your personal banking records to your company’s intellectual property and confidential information, data security was easier to oversee before so much of our world moved online and into The Clo

Who Drives the Move to the Cloud – Business? or IT?

9-Aug-2012 | Alec Wagner

It’s an age-old controversy — somewhere between the “chicken/egg” endless loop and a declaration of all-out war — and the gauntlet was thrown down again recently at Pitting the su