Ajitabh Das

Ajitabh Das

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Ajitabh Das is a fellow for the SAP News Center editorial team at SAP.

How Empathy Can Help You Be Successful In Business

4-Sep-2017 | Ajitabh Das

We can become selfish creatures when our interests are at stake. And when the pursuit of those interests becomes challenging, we sometimes compromise our integrity by cheating to get what we want. In

How Digitalization Is Helping To Bring Clean Water To India

14-Jul-2017 | Ajitabh Das

Staggering economic growth may have improved the lifestyle for millions in India, but there are still millions who struggle for basic amenities like clean water. According to a report by WaterAid,

Does Digital Globalization Really Make The World Flat?

1-May-2017 | Ajitabh Das

After visiting the Indian call centers in Bangalore in 2005, Thomas Friedman, in his best-selling book The World is Flat, famously declared that the connectedness of globalization has made the world a