Andy Greig - SAP Services Marketing

Andy Greig - SAP Services Marketing

About Andy Greig - SAP Services Marketing

Andy Greig is the Marketing Manager of Global Services & Support Marketing at SAP. His primary focus is to create marketing and social media campaigns to help customers realize the benefits and value of SAP Services.

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Your Hybrid Cloud Journey: Are You Heading In The Right Direction? [INFOGRAPHIC]

3-Sep-2015 | Andy Greig

The Internet of Things. Big Data. Self-aware and self-protecting applications. Mobile access to information – anytime, anywhere. These are just some of today’s must-have technologies that are forc

Innovation In The Cloud: Winning With Speed And Creativity

12-May-2015 | Andy Greig

Innovation is a delicate balance between art and science. No matter how creative an offering is, it will not succeed if it’s not delivered to market quickly enough or positioned properly. On the fli