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Adriel Sanchez previously was the Vice President of Demand Generation at SAP. He led a team of 70 in managing digital marketing, demand generation, inbound marketing, telemarketing, database marketing, tele-web integration, campaign execution services, and sales alignment.

Guilty! Practicing Marketing Without A License

25-Jul-2014 | Adriel Sanchez

I have a confession to make. Three years ago, I didn’t know much about how social media could be applied to business. As a classically trained direct marketer, I struggled to reconcile this new plat

Your Lead Nurturing Program Needs Help

2-Dec-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

The last few weeks have reinforced one painful truth for me. You can’t get through an entire marketing conference without someone comparing the B2B lead funnel to marriage. At some point over the

Put Your Money Where Your [Word of] Mouth Is

18-Sep-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

You know that friend who’s always talking about new products and trying to get you to use them? Well, it’s becoming more and more likely they’re being paid to do it. And why not? An indivi

3 Mistakes When Talking Pull Marketing

15-Jul-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

Walt Disney. Louis CK. Steve Jobs. Nate Silver. Ellen DeGeneres. Bruce Springsteen. What do all of these people have in common? Besides the fact they all have more Twitter followers than I do, t

A Pull Marketing Revenue Story

18-Jun-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

“Se acabo la fiesta.” I must have heard that a thousand times as a kid. Literally translated, “party’s over”.  But my mother would use it more broadly whenever she’d had enough of what

What’s Your Unique Contribution?

10-Jun-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

A few years ago a manager said to me, “If Adriel went away tomorrow, what wouldn’t get done? The answer to that question is your unique contribution to this organization. Think about it carefully,

Listen Up! 5 Enablers For Social Listening Success

5-Jun-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

Social Listening The CDC is now listening to what people say on social media to track outbreaks of the flu and other viruses. Researchers at the University of Warwick were able to increase a mock sto

3 Skills For Next Generation Marketers

3 Skills For Next Generation Marketers

23-Apr-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

Ahhh, spring. Sun’s starting to peak through more regularly. New Yorkers are shedding those winter coats. I even drove by a Queens BBQ last night. For those of you that didn’t grow up in Queens

The Luck O’ the Innovator

The Luck O’ The Innovator: Creativity And Success

19-Mar-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

”If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he still lucky?” – Stainslaw Jerzy Lec St. Patrick’s Day took place this weekend, and with it came the usual chatter about luck. Not

Be Nice -- Humanize Your Brand

Be Nice – Humanize Your Brand

11-Mar-2013 | Adriel Sanchez

A few days ago I came across an interview with Lee Cockerell. For those of you who don’t know who he is (count me in that group until a few days ago), Lee held leadership positions at Hilton Hotels