Aditi Chhaya

About Aditi Chhaya

Aditi Chhaya is the Vice President of Chief Transformation Office at SAP.
She is responsible for driving thought leadership, value-based content, platforms, and strategic sales to support the enablement of digital business for customers.

Bringing The Internet Of Things For Business To Your Industry

8-Dec-2014 | Aditi Chhaya

The future of business in the digital information age is now. A network of networks – across social, business, and devices – is creating revolutionary conditions which are creating new opportuniti

Simplifying Business Begins With Leadership

19-Nov-2014 | Aditi Chhaya

Approximately 80% of Global CEOs believe that complexity in business – across decision making, business process, and technology consumption – is crippling their ability to grow their business. Ho

woman holds a cloud

What 317 Companies Are Saying About Their Enterprise Cloud Adoption And Road Map [INFOGRAPHIC]

4-Aug-2014 | Aditi Chhaya

Cloud adoption will more than double in the next 3 years and there will be nearly a 4X decrease in organizations leveraging on-premise solutions.  Those numbers are staggering but not only are they b