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Blockchain: Libertarian, Authoritarian, Or Somewhere In Between?

17-Jul-2017 | Adam Winfield

The rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchains has people speculating whether the technologies will lead to a libertarian future, in which governments and corporations lose their grip on centralize

Using Philosophy To Find Happiness In A Hyperconnected World

7-Jul-2017 | Adam Winfield

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, published in 1974 by Robert M. Pirsig, has been called the biggest-selling and most widely read philosophy book ever. A fictionalized autobiography of a moto

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Can White-Collar Apprenticeships Close The STEM Skills Gap?

4-Jul-2017 | Adam Winfield

The higher education-career template is still the undisputed way to go for many living in developed countries. In Canada, where I live, more than 2 million people fill the country’s universities

How Companies Can Use Social Networks To Restore A Sense Of Belonging

2-Jun-2017 | Adam Winfield

The great irony of social media is that many users, desperately seeking a renewed tribal sense of belonging in an increasingly virtual world, often end up feeling even more isolated. The same can be

How Game Theory Is Taking Marketing To The Next Level

19-May-2017 | Adam Winfield

Marketing tactics tend to stick to a tried-and-tested principle: If you’re marketing something that consumers don’t need to survive, target their emotions rather than their logic. The closer you c

Post-Human Healthcare For A Post-Human World

17-May-2017 | Adam Winfield

In an interview with The Atlantic to promote his new book Homo Deus, the historian Yuval Noah Harari made some terrifying and humbling predictions about the future of healthcare. He explains that t

How To Succeed As A Millennial In The Gig Economy

19-Apr-2017 | Adam Winfield

Millennials face a very different job market than the one in which Boomers and older Generation Xers have spent much of their working lives. Some 45 percent of Canada’s workforce will consist of f

How To Make Intrapreneurs The Heroes Of Digital Innovation

23-Feb-2017 | Adam Winfield

It’s been interesting to observe the debate over whether there is — or ever was — any value in such roles as chief digital officer or chief innovation officer. IDC predicted in 2014 that chief d

Free Shipping In A Changing World: The Uncomfortable Truth

21-Feb-2017 | Adam Winfield

We can’t say for sure what the future holds for our cities and towns—how they’ll look and how they’ll function—but it’s fairly safe to assume investment priorities will move further away f

Corporate Digital Innovation Is Probably Not What You Think It Is

14-Feb-2017 | Adam Winfield

Innovation is something humans have always done, consciously or otherwise. You could argue that ever since one cell split into two and our evolution began, humanity has been on a path of constant inno