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I’ve been writing since I was 12. My mom made me write 10 page reports when I was ‘disobedient’, so I ended up writing alot of 10 page reports. Now I’m a father, small business consultant, avid weight lifter, and dedicated husband. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea. Join me in conversation: Twitter on LinkedIn or Google+.

5 Ways To Avoid Minimizing Your Target Audience

25-Feb-2015 | Adam Torkildson

Every business has a target audience that they want to reach. Businesses spend tons of money, time, and effort to market their product to a specific part of the overall consumer group. When they think

business building

5 Reasons Why You Should Relocate Your Business

12-Feb-2015 | Adam Torkildson

One of the most important, and perhaps the most effective decisions you will ever make is to relocate your business. It won't be easy, but if you choose the right place, it could do wonders for your b

4 Common Business Fraud Scams And How To Avoid Them

29-Jan-2015 | Adam Torkildson

It seems to be an all too common theme; stories about scammers trying to ship to ‘for sale’ houses, stolen credit cards, illegitimate customer chargebacks. As a small business, these kinds of thr

mobile commerce

6 Mobile Marketing Predictions For 2015

19-Dec-2014 | Adam Torkildson

Below are a number of emerging trends related to the future of mobile marketing. I believe the following six trends will shape what organizations can expect to see in 2015 with regards to mobile manag

8 Strategies To Help Cultivate Your Brand

12-Nov-2014 | Adam Torkildson

Every successful business knows that cultivating your brand is essential. After all, your brand is the hub of your business, and it is what people will use to recognize you, whether through colors, lo

white hat seo

4 Proven White Hat SEO Tactics From The Experts

30-Oct-2014 | Adam Torkildson

Before you read this: Keep in mind that Google indexes the entire web on a daily basis, and has some of the best mathematicians working side-by-side with the best programmers in the world. They are sm

Increase customer momentum

3 Ways To Increase Online And Offline Sales

15-Oct-2014 | Adam Torkildson

Are your sales slumping? Have you tried different techniques to increase your numbers to no avail? Good news is, you can learn new techniques that are sure to embrace, foster and exceed your goals wit

global business

4 Ways To Synchronize Your Corporate Communications

9-Oct-2014 | Adam Torkildson

For a small business, there are few things more important than effective communication systems. Without effective communication, company productivity tends to tank. With the world becoming more digiti

social metrics

3 Metrics To Track Your Social Media Marketing Success

1-Oct-2014 | Adam Torkildson

Social media marketing is one of the most important online marketing strategies. However, if you’re not tracking your social media marketing efforts, you may be missing the mark. To help you ampl

domain names

3 Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

25-Sep-2014 | Adam Torkildson

If you're just starting out as a small business, you want to make as much impact as you can. The first step to that is creating a domain name that's all your own. This gives you a jumping-off point to