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For Great Customer Service, Treat Policies Like Plaque

13-Oct-2015 | Adam Toporek

We are all familiar with dental plaque, the buildup of bacteria that becomes a film on our teeth. Work with enough organizations, and you will easily recognize the similarities organizational policies

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In Customer Service, Is Ordinary Now Extraordinary? [VIDEO]

4-Sep-2015 | Adam Toporek

We are used to amazing acts of customer service going viral, but how about an ordinary act of service? I was fascinated by a story that made the rounds on the Internet last week. A customer’s

Is Twitter THE Channel For Customer Service?

13-Aug-2015 | Adam Toporek

Twitter understands that it is often a channel for immediate customer response, and it is not only embracing its role as a customer service channel but beginning to focus on selling itself as an indis

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Are Your Customer Service Reps Eating The Marshmallow?

25-Jun-2015 | Adam Toporek

In yesterday’s Monday Motivation, a Monday email sent to subscribers to our eNewsletter The Customer Conversation, we spoke about Walter Mischel’s famous  experiment on self-control and delayed g

Should Customer Service Reps Start With Their Best Offers?

1-Jun-2015 | Adam Toporek

Customer service in the real world sometimes comes down to a negotiation. When you have an issue to resolve, often you and your organization are trying to find a way to make the customer happy without

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Turning A Customer Service Culture

29-May-2015 | Adam Toporek

We wish that changing a customer service culture could be like turning a Jet Ski®. We slam the steering handles hard to the side, the Jet Ski® turns around almost on a dime, and within moments, w

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3 Questions To Ask Before Launching Live Chat For Customer Service

25-Feb-2015 | Adam Toporek

One of the best ways to improve  customer experiences is by making interactions ad easy as possible and by decreasing the hassle-factor. Enter live chat. Live chat contains a number of attribu

Understanding The Other Side Of A Bad Customer Experience

13-Feb-2015 | Adam Toporek

Creating great customer experiences and delivering great customer service almost always boils down to one thing: being able to understand the experience of customers — to walk a mile in their shoes

Customer Information Form Basics: What You Need to Know

10-Feb-2015 | Adam Toporek

The words Big Data are spoken every day in corporate offices around the world. And the benefits of it to companies and customers is, well… big. And while Big Data is becoming more accessible to s

Self Service Should Never Mean Solo Service

4-Feb-2015 | Adam Toporek

Technology is an integral part of frontline customer service. From information kiosks to digital signage, from mobile point of sale devices to the customer’s own smartphones; technology is part and