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Adaire Fox-Martin

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Adaire Fox-Martin is the President of SAP Asia Pacific Japan. Her career spans over 23 years’ experience in the IT sector, including leadership positions in sales, business development, consulting and education, across APJ and Europe.

ASEAN On The Rise: Opportunities For Startups

1-Oct-2014 | Adaire Fox-Martin

Singapore serves as a barometer for ASEAN, a region clearly in the ascendant and one set to get fresh impetus from the ASEAN Economic Community launch planned for 2015. Singapore probably has the most

Family-Owned Businesses In Southeast Asia Poised To Grow

4-Nov-2013 | Adaire Fox-Martin

With a combined population of over 600 million, a nominal GDP exceeding US$1.8 trillion, and a growth rate expected to exceed 5%, Southeast Asia continues to enjoy favourable economic conditions as th

Innovation Lessons From Star Trek

6-Dec-2012 | Adaire Fox-Martin

The original starship Enterprise (Photo credit: Wikipedia) If we could borrow a line from the suave and dashing Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk to describe the act of innovating, it would be: “