Achim Hebestreit

About Achim Hebestreit

I am Global Lead SAP New Digital Businesses for Telecommunications within the Global Solution Management team. I joined SAP and the IBU Telecommunications in 1999 and I was instrumental in the definition and creation of SAP's Network Life-cycle Management solution, which I was globally responsible for during a number of years.

Telcos: 3 Steps Into The Future

14-Jul-2014 |

The fact can no longer be denied – in the digital world, telcos have fallen behind. Service providers are no longer in the driver’s seat of value creation and the way people consume telecommunicat

Telecoms, Mind the Gap

4-Sep-2013 |

Much has been talked about all the opportunities telecoms have missed during the last decade. Controlling the infrastructure of the Internet, the industry was not able to fully monetize their strategi

Proximity Marketing. Waiting Is Not Innovating.

16-May-2013 |

You are at a bus stop. The timetable says the next bus arrives in 5 minutes. You wait for 10 minutes. No bus in sight. Another 10 minutes. The bus is overdue for 15 minutes now. What do you do? Keep w

Mobile Banking Innovations

Mobile Banking Innovations

20-Mar-2013 |

In 2006 Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel Peace Prize for his achievement with Grameen Bank. It gives microcredits to people too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans and the bank made a signfica


Telcos: Social Aggregators Of The New Mobile Age

7-Jan-2013 |

Do you remember the last time you used a phone booth? I wouldn’t if it had not been last week. In search of a dry place to roll a cigarette in rainy London, I passed one of those signature red te


Telcos: Horse-Breeders Of The New Mobile Age?

15-Oct-2012 |

Following the invention of the car in 1884, Kaiser Wilhelm II famously said, "I regard the automobile as a temporary phenomenon. I prefer to bet on a horse”. Take a look into your garage to see how