Achim Nowak

The Problem With Being Authentic

12-Dec-2014 | Achim Nowak

Andy Cohen is the affably vivacious host of BRAVO Television’s late-night talk fest “What Happens Live.” Like him or hate him, Cohen has created a hard-to-ignore reality television empire at BRA

What Ursula Andress Taught Me About Presence

24-Oct-2014 | Achim Nowak

Exhibit  # 1: An afternoon in Rome My first memory of being in the presence of someone with presence. I am 21 years old and hanging out in Rome. Like many first-time visitors to this intoxicating

Leadership Lessons From The Deli Counter

2-Oct-2014 | Achim Nowak

Where do you get your lunch? Mo, the proprietor of the sublime Sozo Sushi in Ft. Lauderdale, asks me as I pay for dinner. We run down the street to Doris’ Market, I answer. They have a $5.00 l

Communicating The Universal Leadership Language

25-Jun-2014 | Achim Nowak

  I spent 9 days in Cuba last month. Many stories to tell. Yes, I engaged in some of the expected activities. Strolled through Havana Vieja, retracing Ernest Hemingway’s steps. Listened to

Mindfulness At Work

4-Mar-2014 | Achim Nowak

Dread and joyful anticipation. That sums up my spirit as I picked up a recent issue of TIME magazine. Does anyone still go to TIME for news? Its cover story on The Mindful Revolution prompted me to

An Overture On Connection

22-Jan-2014 | Achim Nowak

There’s connection. And then there’s CONNECTION. Deep, stirring, spine-tingling connection. When I listen to you speak, and I feel so profoundly invigorated by your personal energy. When I am

Closing The Generational Platitude Gap

20-Dec-2013 | Achim Nowak

The great actress Cicely Tyson won a Tony Award this year for her performance in the Broadway revival of the play “The Trip to Bountiful.” Tyson is 87 years old. I need you to not retire until I

3 Everyday Leadership Lessons for Managers

20-Sep-2013 | Achim Nowak

A note from Switch and Shift’s editor: Leadership lessons are often folded into life’s events. It’s simply a matter of stopping long enough to observe what is offered to us no matter the event.

Ignore Psychological Profiles and “Act Like” the Leader You Envision

5-Sep-2013 | Achim Nowak

My European colleagues think we’re a little nuts. You Americans are obsessed with psychological profiling. You put your leaders through psychological assessment after assessment. And with every n

Outsiders’ Perspectives Should Be Encouraged Inside the Corporation

19-Aug-2013 | Achim Nowak

I didn’t start out in corporate life. By the time I got my first gig as a corporate trainer for a large train-the-trainer firm, I had worked as a theatre director/performer/acting coach/mediation