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Aaron Solomon is the head of Training and Content Development for SAP Anywhere. With a dedicated history in knowledge management and consulting, he is driven to provide quality information to customers and help them understand how best to grow their businesses. His areas of expertise include e-commerce management, data analysis, and leveraging technology to improve efficiency.

Wholesale Distributors: 5 Tips To Prepare For The Holiday Season

20-Sep-2017 | Aaron Solomon

With the holiday shopping season getting closer every day, it’s just as crucial for B2B and wholesale retailers to start preparing as it is for B2C retailers. This is a great opportunity to not only

Effective E-Mail Marketing: 6 Tips

7-Sep-2017 | Aaron Solomon

In 2019, the average email user is expected to receive 96 emails per day. How can you make your company’s emails stand out? E-mail marketing campaigns can be a great way to drive customer engagem

Accounting Basics For Small Business Owners

31-Aug-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Of all the aspects of running a small business, accounting is one that is usually not well understood. With the wide range of options, tax regulations, and reporting standards, this area is its own fi

Why $4.6 Trillion Was Left In Abandoned Online Shopping Carts In 2016

11-Jul-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned without the customer ever completing the purchase. According to Business Insider, that added up to over $4.6 trillion in the global economy in 2016. S

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How Small Businesses Can Win With SEO

27-Jun-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Having a great set of products and a user-friendly website are only the half the battle when it comes to gaining traction online. For businesses to get noticed, they need website traffic. But what do